TILTAMAX Gravity G2X – 3-axis Handheld Gimbal System

TILTA Nucleus-M Hand Grips Universal Gimbal Adapter with Rosettes (L/R)
TILTA for Sony FS5 (#ES-T14)

TILTAMAX Gravity G2X – 3-axis Handheld Gimbal System


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The Gravity G2X is a compact handheld gimbal system for: mirrorless DSLRS, DSLRS, Smartphones, and GoPros. It has four user modes and is compatible with the TILTA Assistant App via Bluetooth, for greater calibration of features. Two rosettes on the handle allow for the mounting of various accessories to customize your rig with your needs. A 14.8V DC output allows you to power your optional accessories and a 5V MiniUSB can power the Nucleus-Nano Motor.


Arm Your Camera with the next generation of single-handed gimbal systems. Introducing the Tiltamax Gravity G2X!

  1. The Tiltamax Gravity G2X Compact Gimbal Body uses the same technology as the Tiltamax Gravity 3-Axis gimbal to stabilize camera systems
    • Optimal stabilization for small handheld DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, smartphones, or GoPros
  2. The G2X features a unique Angled Roll Motor Arm
    • Roll motor can be calibrated to sit behind the camera for unobstructed viewing of the camera’s LCD display
    • Roll motor can be calibrated to sit in front of the camera and under the lens to fly longer camera packages and enable full “flashlight mode”
    • The Roll motor arm can also be used in either a right or left-sided position for added flexibility and viewing the camera’s fold-out EVF LCD displays
  3. Enhanced Motor Strength
    • Maximum Payload = 8 lbs
    • Under-sling and Over-sling Operation
  4. Unbeatable Motor Degree Rotation and Flexibility
    • Full 360 degree rotation on Pan and Tilt.
    • 60 degree rotation on Roll – Left.
    • 60 degrees rotation on Roll – Right.
  5. Four Distinct User Modes controlled through the front button and rear toggle
    • Solid Green LED – Pan Follow Mode
    • Solid Red LED – Tilt Lock Mode
    • Solid Blue LED – Fully Stabilized Mode
    • Flashing Blue LED – Roll Lock Mode
  6. Power Outputs
    • The tilt motor has a new 5V MiniUSB out for powering the Nucleus-Nano Motor.
    • 14.8V DC input/output for powering your camera and/or camera accessories
    • Wide range of custom Power Distribution Boxes (Lemo and PTAP) accessories by Tilta and 3rd Parties
    • Compatibility with all previous G1 DC in/out accessories
  7. Endless Mounting Possibilities via Two Arri Standard Female Rosettes
    • Wide range of custom mounting accessories by Tilta and 3rd Parties
    • Compatibility with all previous G1 Rosette accessories
  8. Minimal Power Consumption
    • Uses (4) Rechargeable 18650 Batteries (Battery Charger included; Batteries are NOT included)
    • 10 hours of battery life (On full charged)
  9. Bluetooth Enabled App control: TILTA Assistant App
    • Calibrate individual G2X Motor’s Torque, Dead Zone, Acceleration, and Speed for your specific needs.
    • Wireless Timelapse Function
    • Wireless Remote Control Functions
    • Firmware updates
  10. State of the Art Build Quality
    • Precision CNC Milled Aluminum Body
    • Ambidextrous Ergonomic Rosewood handle
  11. Quick Balancing and Auto Calibration Mode
    • On all the G2X compact gimbal arms, a 7-11 cm measuring scale makes repetitive balancing a thing of the past
    • Balance once, remember your marks, and repeat with ease each time you need to re-balance the same camera package
    • Auto Calibration Mode allows the gimbal to sense and configure the motors to your camera packages ideal flight settings
  12. The G2X compact gimbal body also includes a dual screw based camera quick release Standard Manfrotto Plate
    • The Manfrotto Plate allows for fast and easy set up changes to a Manfrotto tripod



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